Service Details

Full Real Estate Lifecycle

Develop Georgia partners with it’s Founder’s real estate brokerage to offer services around the whole transaction. Support from residential and commercial experts is available to our clientele for finding an ideal location, procurement, managing the assets once constructed, and liquidating a portfolio. 

All services are offered independently of one another. 

Location Scouting

Our real estate brokers are active scouters for development opportunities. They work diligently to help find the perfect location. 

Phase I - Pre Development

Once a location is secured, our team works with your Realtor, local officials, and professional inspectors to scrutinize the property during due diligence.

During this time we also complete a pro forma, architect drawings and 3D renderings. By the completion of Phase I the client will have all the necessary information to decide whether to terminate the project, or proceed to Phase II.

Phase II - Development

If Phase I is successful then the buyer has now purchased their land. During development we’re constructing the project. Our team is overseeing crews building to spec the architects drawings. 

Phase III - Management

Depending on the project’s scope, there may be a need for professional property management services. Our firm recommends HSH Management Group, a commercial property management company that’s part of our family of companies. 


Phase IV - Liquidation

Either the property is now fully leased and ready to be sold, or management was never part of the plan. There usually comes a time where we need to turn our original investment back into cash to be used in more deals. 

When this. time comes we have the resources in place to assist in transitioning the asset.